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Professional Development & Community Events

I provide community awareness opportunities to a wide range of audiences via workshops, seminars, and webinars.  I am passionate about supporting wellbeing through early intervention and prevention by supporting children, teens, parents and carers, schools and community agencies to have high quality, up-to-date, accurate, helpful, skills-based knowledge to support wellbeing, mental health, relational functioning, and family life.  Please contact me directly to discuss an event for your school or organisation.

Some suggested audiences:

  • Teams/Clinicians in Direct Clinical Care Roles

  • Education/School Staff

  • Parent/Carer Groups

  • Mental Health Initiatives

Some suggested topics:

  • Raising Resilient Children

  • Parenting in Today's World

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Trauma Informed Classrooms & Schools

  • Anxiety in the Classroom & How to Help

  • Understanding Attachment 

  • Practical Neuroscience for Parents

  • Practical Neuroscience for Teachers

  • Helping Teens Thrive

  • Helping Families Thrive

  • Building Positive Collaborative Relationships

Professional Development Training Packages Available:

  • Key Skills in Family Therapy

  • Systems and Stories: A Narrative Therapy Approach to Meaning Making and Change

  • Picture This: Harnessing the Therapeutic Power of Genograms

  • Systemic Thinking Masterclass: Getting Unstuck and Maximizing Maneuverability 

  • Systemic Integrative Practice Masterclass

  • Live Supervision: Systemic Family Therapy and Supervision in Practice

  • Working Safely with Families and Trauma

  • Trauma-Informed Care for Midwives

  • Trauma-Informed Care in the Emergency Department

  • Trauma-Informed Care (3 Hour Lecture)

Please Note: These professional development workshops can be offered as "in house" training events, and some of these workshops are offered through collaboration with Compass Seminars Australia and some workshops.  To find out more about Dr Leonie White's collaboration with Compass Seminars Australia and details of workshops across Australia click the links below.

Family Therapy Training

Narrative Therapy Training

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