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About Dr Leonie White

Dr Leonie White 

Psychologist and Clinical Family Therapist

Helping people grow, connect and thrive in life’s unique journey.

I have always been interested in people, in their well-being and relationships, and driven by curiosity and caring to understand people and what helps individuals and families to do well in life. 


I believe everyone deserves to do well in life, and that 'doing well' will look different for different people - I value collaboration, acknowledgement and respect for each individual and their perspective.

Over time I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles and organisations helping children, teenagers, parents, families, foster families, and other helping professionals.  I have loved the chance to work in schools, counselling services, and mental health services.  These experiences have taught me that what matters most is getting to know a person as a unique individual with their own circumstances, relationships, hopes, values, goals, strengths, intentions, resources and priorities.  

I am passionate about understanding and supporting people, and valuing the importance of relationships in life - both past and present. 

In my work, this passion for supporting others includes both a focus on Counselling work for members of the community and also support for other Helping Professionals.  Just as it is a privilege to get to know and help my Counselling Clients it is also a privilege to get to know and support other professionals as they grow in their own way on their own individual journey as they dedicate their work to supporting others.  

Please note I do not provide a crisis service.  If you require crisis support please contact Lifeline (13 11 14), or seek emergency services support by calling 000 or presenting to your local hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

Currently, I am available for Counselling and Family Therapy, Training, Consultancy, and Supervision (Individual and Group Clinical Supervision).

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