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Helping Families Thrive
Helping Families Thrive Cards
Helping Families Thrive Strengths Cards (COMING SOON)

Resources for Families and Helping Professionals

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Would you like to grow a thriving family? 

Do you work with families?  Would you like to help them reach their unique potential?

All families deserve to do well and doing well looks different for every family.  These cards are designed to support each family with their own unique hopes, goals, dreams, composition, structure, and ways of being.  The purpose of these cards is to help families decide on aspects of family life they would like help with and then provide information, ideas, and discussion points for growth.

Based on Dr Leonie White's Family Therapy clinical practice, theory and research, these carefully selected cards cover key ingredients of growing healthy, thriving families and make a positive difference to families.


There are 36 cards divided into 6 colour petals categories for ease of use - Communication, Fun and Enjoyment, Nurturing, Family Structure, Problem Solving and Belonging.  


Each petal has several cards representing each category with an explanation, description, tips, and practical ideas, as well as conversation starters to individualise the suggestions to your client's needs.

These cards can be used by families or in conjunction with a Helping Professional.

Compass Seminars Australia are the exclusive retailer for

Helping Families Thrive cards.

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